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Downgrading lisp thinking into pascal (Delphi) [May. 12th, 2008|05:20 pm]
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Unfortunately this is not really an add for pascal...

On my way to work each morning I grab the little seat under the stairs (when it's free) and enjoy working through learning a bit more lisp code.

I feel like I've learnt a fair bit along the way. Even without macros and CLOS (which I'm not using much yet), I feel like I can get things done so much more easily in lisp (and I'm SURE there is much more to learn).

The things I really like in lisp in comparison to pascal are :-
variables know type, don't worry about type until you need it
automatic garbage collection is quite cool
It's nice to be able to do things while the program is compiled and running that you would normally think only possible while in interpreter "mode" (and to a certain extent the same is true in the other direction).

I keep seeing pages of Delphi code and I think about how I'd do it much more succinctly in lisp.

We are using some reasonable design patterns in code, but I'm pretty sure I could do a nicer job in relatively straightforward lisp.

PS Oddly I wrote something on lisp a few months ago and got an email from a recruiter offering me a Delphi role. I wonder what will happen with this one.